Defining the baseline for publication sharing

Recent blog posts by Bill Gasarch and improved version by Daniel Lemire are calling for an explicit manifesto to promote standard sharing practices: Store your work in an open archive such as arXiv; provide RSS feeds; Post improvements to your work; Make background material (slides) available; etc. An explicit manifesto would help to define the baseline and bring visibility. The discussion of the minimum recommendations is ongoing.

It is intriguing to consider an ever-evolving publication model where a manuscript can be constantly refined over time, referred to by version numbers. Peer-review is a key issue here. However, if the original author maintains responsibility, and the audience has a chance the comment on-line, in the PLoS One style, perhaps the problem of peer-review could be overcome. It is tempting to consider a culture of scientific publishing where the peer-reviewed publication marks the beginning of a refinement process, rather than an end.

Perhaps the publish-or-perish athmosphere in academic culture could be changed within the evolving publication landscape, where open publishing practices are providing new tools to advance quality and impact?


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